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Sam Buh Elite Hotel

Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 700070
10, Tsekhovaya Str.

Rooms & Rates
Standard Single$37
Standard Double$49
Semi Luxe Single$37
Semi Luxe Double$50
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Hotel Sam Buh Elite was one of the first private hotels to emerge in Tashkent back in 90s last century, after independence. It is located in an old-style residential area, about 500m from main road, in same vicinity as Orzu Hotel, Raddus and Ravshan B&B.

The hotel's building is situated in a quiet street in a secluded yard, with all facilities and rooms off the road, so nothing will disturb you while you rest in your room.

The hotel's amenities are typical for a 2 star hotel/B&B as they are viewed in the local hotel industry. Rooms are clean, as well as the public areas such as corridors, lobby etc.

Nearby attractions
Bobur Park, Mirabad Marketplace, Ocean Restaurant, Grand Mir Hotel are within walking distance.

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    Visitors' reviews

    Author: Алексей from Россия (14 Oct 2013)
    Редкая гостиница, в которой тебя встречает не обслуживающий персонал, а семья. Как и у каждого, есть и минусы, но в общем впечатления самые положительные. Так держать!