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Bukhara, Uzbekistan, 705018
63 Eshoni Pir St.

Rooms & Rates
Double (Twin)$60
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The Minzifa Boutique hotel is located in the heart of old Bukhara, only a few steps from the famous Lyabi Hauz place.

This hotel's owners exerted a great deal of effort to apply the ancient construction methods and decors and deliver the ambience of medieval architecture to the guests.

The hotel features only 12 rooms, each with its own unique decor, varying in color and design. The rooms are fully equipped with modern amenities, hand-made furniture and artistic pieces of decor. In the hotel, there is a restaurant and a souvenir shop.

Nearby attractions
Old Bukhara, its monuments

Photos of Minzifa
Minzifa hotel - night view
Minzifa hotel - night view
Inner yard
Inner yard
Inner decor
Inner decor

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    Author: sdf from sdf (10 Jul 2012)
    sfdfs fsd f

    Author: from United States (11 Nov 2016)
    Very beautiful and impressive hotel, and the decor is really unique. This is very suitable place for tourists to get wonderful vacation. My page