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Grand Bukhara

Bukhara, Uzbekistan,
Muminov 8 Str.

Rooms & Rates
Single high season$61
Double Budget high season$110
Double Standard high season$120
Double Delux high season$177
Double Suite high season$410
Single mid season$52
Double Budget mid season$97
Double Standard mid season$105
Double Delux mid season$152
Double Suite mid season$252
Single low season$40
Double Budget low season$75
Double Standard low season$80
Double Delux low season$115
Double Suite low season$252
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The Grand Bukhara Hotel is a modernized and renovated version of the older Bukhara Intourist hotel which served tourists coming to Bukhara for decades. Fully refurbished and opened in 2009, it offers higher standards and better service, being one of few big hotels in the city.

Nearby attractions
Old town, all monuments

Photos of Grand Bukhara
Hotel Grand Bukhara - facade
Hotel Grand Bukhara - facade
Grand Bukhara Lobby
Grand Bukhara Lobby
Room amenities
Room amenities
In a guestroom
In a guestroom

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