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Gulnara B&B

Tashkent, Uzbekistan,
40 Usmanhojaev (Azad) Str.

Rooms & Rates
Double with a bathroom$50
Single with a bathroom$31
Single a bathroom on the floor$25
Double a bathroom on the floor$37
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Gulnara B&B is a private accommodation, located in a big house in the residental old-style part of Tashkent, often called 'Old City'.

The hostess of the B&B, Mrs. Gulnara, is known in Tashkent for hospitality, nice cuisine and the particular ambience her hotel offers.

The family run hotel is just minutes walk from the well-known Chorsu bazaar, and is an ideal place to stay for budget-oriented travellers and backpackers.

Nearby attractions
Chorsu Bazaar, Kukeldash Madrassah, Host Imam Complex

Photos of Gulnara B&B
Gulnara B&B - front view
Gulnara B&B - front view
Inner view
Inner view
Gulnara B&B hotel
Gulnara B&B hotel
Inside the house
Inside the house
Twin room
Twin room
Twin toom
Twin toom

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    Visitors' reviews

    Author: Enrico from Italy (11 Apr 2012)
    Great B&B, Clean, cheap, in a good position, with helpful staff.

    Author: Gibeaux Anne-Marie from France (16 Aug 2012)
    I paid too much dollars : 116,55 $ for a twin beds room with no water in the bathroom on the floor,for only 2 nights ! the early check in was not available because for arriving at 5 a.m. there was no room for us !!! We are not happy !!!