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Samarkand, Uzbekistan, 140104
150 Ok Saroy St.

Rooms & Rates
Single (high season)$31
Double/Twin (high season) $50
Triple (high season)$62
Deluxe (high season)$56
Single (low season)$25
Double/Twin (low season) $43
Triple (low season)$56
Deluxe (low season)$50
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The Dilshoda B&B hotel was opened in 2002 near the Gur Emir Mausouleum, in the area most popular for tourists and guests of Samarkand. It is located at the border of the 'old' and 'new' city.

The two-storeyed hotel is built in an oriental style, from its balcony and rooms you can see the splendid dome of the Gur Emir. In the cozy courtyard guests can relax on traditional sofas near a fountain. Local meals are available in the hotel.

Nearby attractions
Gur Emir, Registan

Photos of Dilshoda
Dilshoda hotel Samarkand
Dilshoda hotel Samarkand
Dining area
Dining area
Double room
Double room

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    Visitors' reviews

    Author: khairil amra ahmad from malaysia (5 Mar 2010)
    event i never been there yet but i can tell its a clean hotel and tidy.I hope i will be there soon.I plan to visit samarkand on june.See you guys...