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Samarkand, Uzbekistan,
2 Registan Str.

Rooms & Rates
Single (high season)$85
Double (Twin) (high season)$120
Single mid season$68
Double (Twin) mid season$102
Single low season$51
Double (Twin) low season$85
Junior Single(high season)$121
Junior Single(mid season) $111
Junior Single(low season) $97
Delux Single(high season)$170
Delux Single(mid season) $140
Delux Single(low season) $121
Super Deluxe(high season)$220
Super Deluxe(mid season) $188
Super Deluxe(low season) $177
Apartaments(high season)$268
Apartaments(mid season) $243
Apartaments(low season) $220
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One of two big four star hotels in Samarkand, a preferred accommodation for bigger groups of tourists when visiting Samarkand.

The Afrosiab hotel is conveniently located right across the majestic Gur Emir Mausoleum, where the legendary warlord and founder of the Mevarannahr Empire, Tamerlane, was interred.

The hotel has all comforts to host big conferences and events.

The name Afrosiab origins from the ancient area of the city where now excavations revealed old remnants of buildings and palaces.

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Photos of Afrosiyab
Afrosiyab Front
Afrosiyab Front

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