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    (30 Jan 2009)
    What is to be expected when you ask for a non-smoking room

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    (5 Jan 2009)
    Why only few hotels provide full access to Internet?

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    (22 Dec 2008)
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    12 hotels in Khivaview all hotels in Uzbekistan

    Orient Star Khiva
    Hotel address: 1 Pakhlavan Mahmud St
    hotel on map
    Visitor reviews: 1
    Single room:$55 Doube room:$80
    Orient Star Khiva is one of the most unusual hotels you find in Central Asia. It is located right in the old monument, a madrassah (religious school) of Muhammad Amin Khan in the center of Khiva, and its inner fortress Ichan Kala...

    Hotel address: 28 Tashpulatov St.
    hotel on map
    Visitor reviews: 1
    Single room:$18 Doube room:$37
    The Zafarbek hotel is located inside the inner fortress Ichan Kala in Khiva. You can reach any part of the city and its monuments easily...

    Islambek I
    Hotel address: 60 Tashpulatov St.
    hotel on map
    Visitor reviews: 0
    Single room:$25 Doube room:$37
    The Islambek hotel is located in the center of Ichan Kala (inner city) close to such historical monuments as the Caravan Serai, Amir Tora Madrassah, Tash Hauli Palace and Eastern Bazaar. From the balcony of the hotel you can see a wonderful view to the ancient fortress....

    Islambek Khiva
    Hotel address: 135 Tashpulatov St.
    hotel on map
    Visitor reviews: 0
    Single room:$31 Doube room:$43
    The Islambek Khiva hotel is the second hotel in the chain of Khiva hotels under Islambek brand. It is conveniently located in the inner city of Khiva, allowing easy access to such monuments as the Caravan Serai, Amir Tora Madrassah, Tash Hauli Palace and Eastern Bazaar....

    Sobir Arkanchi
    Hotel address: 1 Yangi Turmush st.
    hotel on map
    Visitor reviews: 0
    Single room:$43 Doube room:$62
    The Sobir Arkanchi hotel is the second hotel in the chain of Arkanchi hotels. It is located a little outside the fortress wall, only a few steps from the Kusha Darvaza - gates leading through the wall...

    Hotel address: 10 Pahlavan Makhmoud st.
    hotel on map
    Visitor reviews: 0
    Single room:$43 Doube room:$62
    Arkanchi is one of the first private hotels to emerge in Khiva after Uzbekistan gained independance. As a 2 star private property, it offers a good stay in close vicinity to all Khiva attractions, such as the Kalta Minor - the short Minaret, and Mausoleum of Pakhlavan Makhmoud - famous medeival wrestler and philosopher...

    Shaherezade Khiva
    Hotel address: 35 Islom Khoja st.
    hotel on map
    Visitor reviews: 0
    Single room:$n/a Doube room:$75
    Welcome to the Shaherezade Boutique hotel in Khiva! The hotel was meticulously designed and built using old traditions and techniques in wood carving and traditional majolica. All this will enrich your experience while you explore ancient Khiva...

    Hotel address: 121 Tashpulatov st.
    hotel on map
    Visitor reviews: 0
    Single room:$27 Doube room:$50
    A two-storeyed hotel Mirzaboshi is located inside the Ichan Kala fortress, allowing its guests to reach conveniently all monuments of Khiva by walk. Each room of the hotel is equipped with an air conditioner...

    Malika Kheivak
    Hotel address: Ismail Khoja St. 11
    hotel on map
    Visitor reviews: 0
    Single room:$60 Doube room:$90
    The Malika Kheivak hotel in Khiva is located inside the Inner City (Ichan Kala) and offers a great opportunity to enjoy the ancient city where Khorezmian kingdoms once flourished. The hotel belongs to the popular chain of Malika hotels which has properties in all major cities of Uzbekistan...

    Malika Khorezm
    Hotel address: Center 5
    hotel on map
    Visitor reviews: 0
    Single room:$56 Doube room:$81
    Hotel Malika Khorezm is another property owned by the Malika Hotel chain and offering a nice level of quality accommodation in Khiva. This hotel, though located outside the Inner City, is still only few steps away from one of the famous Gates leading inside the huge fortress surrounded by thick fortification walls....

    Malika Khiva
    Hotel address: Polvon Koriy 19a
    hotel on map
    Visitor reviews: 1
    Single room:$56 Doube room:$81
    Malika Hotel belongs to the group of Khiva hotels which are located outside the main attraction Khiva, the Ichan Kala complex, yet it is only few steps from one of the entrance gates of the huge museum in the open, the Ata Darvoza Gates. The hotel offers perfection and high quality of rooms and general facilities...

    Asia Khiva
    Hotel address: Yakubov st.
    hotel on map
    Visitor reviews: 0
    Single room:$73 Doube room:$110
    Asia hotel in Khiva is another member of the Asia Hotels Group present all around Uzbekistan, with its hotels offering top quality service in the upper segment of midrange hotels. Asia Khiva is a big hotel, with almost a hundred of rooms...

    Khiva is the farthest point to reach while you travel in Uzbekistan, so a good choice of hotels in Khiva is an important matter, both in terms of quality of service they offer, and price. There is only one big hotel of four star category in the Khiva region, the Khorezm Palace and it is located not in Khiva itself, but in Urgench, 30 km away.

    Generally, Khiva is often called as a bottleneck in terms of accommodation, especially in the high season (March to May and September to October), because there are not too many hotels, and the existing hotels are smaller size, and they are usually full. You need to take good care and book Khiva hotels well in advance, especially if you come in a group of people, to have the best experience and comfortable stay in the wonderful setting of ancient Khiva.